replace broken spokes on a hub

How to replace broken spokes on a hub

Having broken spokes on your hub can be highly inconvenient and even dangerous for cyclists. This is why it is crucial to replace broken spokes as soon as possible. Replacing spokes may seem overwhelming and intimidating at first, but taking the proper precautions and following a few steps can help ensure a successful and safe bike ride. Here is a guide on how to replace broken spokes on a hub.

Things you will need

Before you start the process, you will need a few essential tools in order to replace your broken spokes. Make sure to have a spoke wrench, a spoke nipple, spoke wire, spoke tensioner, and a spoke key. If you are unsure when it comes to what size spoke wire you should buy, measure the length of the old spoke and take that measurement as a reference for your purchase.

Steps to take

1.) Start by removing the cap from the hub and then loosen the spokes opposite to the one that is broken. Place the cap in a safe place so it is not lost.

2.) Make sure to loosen the spokes by one turn each at a time. Loosen the spoke nearest to the broken spoke by one turn again.

3.) Remove the broken spoke and replace it with the new spoke wire. Make sure to insert the spoke nipple into the hub first and then the spoke wire. Adjust the tension of the spoke wire so that it is the same as the other spokes.

4.) Now it is time to adjust the tension of the new spoke. Use the spoke wrench to tighten the spoke one turn at a time. Make sure to pay attention to the tension of the new spoke in comparison with the other spokes.

5.) After the spoke is tightened, ensure that it is adjusted to the same tension as the other spokes. Go ahead and reattach the hub cap that you had put aside earlier.


Overall, learning how to replace broken spokes on a hub can be a tedious and time-consuming process. However, once you understand the steps taken and practice it a few times, you will soon become familiar with the process. Be sure to always have a spoke wrench, spoke nipple, spoke wire, spoke tensioner, and spoke key in order to replace the broken spoke quickly and safely.

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