aero handlebars for road bike


One of the most essential pieces of equipment for any road bike is the handlebar. Whether you ride for leisure or in competition, one of the important decisions to make is whether to install aero handlebars or not. Aero handlebars or “aero bars” are an often overlooked and underrated piece of equipment that can give you a competitive edge on the roads.

What Are Aero Handlebars?

Aero handlebars were initially designed for triathletes and time-trial cyclists who needed extra aerodynamics whilst speeding up the roads. Because of their distinctive shape, these handlebars offer a more aerodynamic and aggressive riding position. This allows the cyclist to effectively “slip” through the air, much like a windsurfer tucks behind and is propelled through the wake of a boat. This aerodynamic position improves efficiency and reduces air resistance over typical road handlebars.

Benefits of Using Aero Handlebars for Road Bikes

The primary benefit of installing aero handlebars on road bikes is that you will gain an edge over the competition with increased aerodynamics. This will result in enhanced speed due to less air drag in each pedal stroke. There is also increased comfort by allowing the rider to adopt a more effective body position that eliminates strain and fatigue, thanks to the aero design. Furthermore, the rider can also save energy as aero handlebars reduce the need to constantly correct body position and grip pressure while riding.

In addition, aero handlebars are also highly popular among amateur cyclists and provide an extra level of comfort when riding. The extra cushioning and shock absorption that comes with the aero shape of the handlebars provide a more comfortable ride. You can also customize the shape and angle of the handlebar to further customize your riding position.

Choosing Aero Handlebars for Your Road Bike

When choosing an aero handlebar for your road bike, there are several things to consider. Firstly, the size of handlebar should suit your cycling style and body size. You should also consider the drop of the handlebar; this defines the amount of grip your hands will have on the handlebar. The width of the handlebar is also vital as it affects the amount of control you have over your bike and your riding position.

The material is also a factor when selecting an aero handlebar for your road bike. Most aero handlebars are made from lightweight aluminum. Some combinations of aluminum and carbon are available if you are looking for a more lightweight handlebar. You can also choose from several clamp sizes and styles on the handlebar that can customize the position of your hands.

Hydration Solutions for Your Aero Handlebars

When installing aero handlebars on your road bike, you need to consider how you plan to keep hydrated whilst out on rides. Fortunately, manufacturers such as Profile Design have designed and produce various hydration solutions that integrate perfectly with your aero handlebars. These hydration solutions are made from lightweight and strong materials that offer multiple mounting options and adjustability.


Aero handlebars are an integral part of any road bike and provide increased aerodynamics and comfort when riding. They can help to reduce energy output and also save cyclists’ from the fatigue associated with riding in more traditional positions. Before getting aero handlebars for your bike, make sure that you consider size, drop, width, material, and hydration solutions for your specific cycling needs. With these factors taken into account, you can be sure to find the perfect aero handlebar for your road bike.

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